Top 10 Cryptocurrency Mining Software

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  While some dismiss Bitcoin as a fading trend, many more are beginning to see it as the future of commerce. A 2020 survey showed that 36% of small and mid-sized businesses already accept cryptocurrency, as do many larger businesses and organizations, including Microsoft, AT&T, Wikipedia, and TeckGalaxy. While Bitcoin can be purchased with real […]

10 Important thing to look for when hiring an Accountant

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Choosing the right accountants for your business should be more than just about the fee they charge you. While of course we have an interest in telling you ‘hire us’, these are, in our opinion the main things to look out for when choosing an accounting partner, that if chosen carefully, can be with you […]

Watch out for Internet Scams

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Internet scams are continually evolving. The FBI documented a record $3.5 billion in losses due to internet crimes in 2019 COVID-19 Online Scams According to Google, “Scammers are taking advantage of the increase in COVID-19 communications by disguising their scams as legitimate messages about the virus. Alongside emails, scammers may also use text messages, automated […]

Auditing Platform for Multi-Currency Service Provider

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The Problem Auditing Platform For Multi-currency Service Provider About the Project Currencycloud is a multi-currency service that allows consumers to access their virtual names accounts, with the ability to collects, convert, pay, and manage multiple currencies simultaneously. To deliver the new service, Currencycloud first needed to design its flagship currency auditing platform. The software needed […]

Logistic Integration for FMC Logistics (UK) Ltd

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The Problem Logistic Integration for FMC Logistics (UK) Ltd About the Project providing seamless transportation integration solutions under one interface. The customized business intelligence solution using Cognos to supports their global export services, providing a local logistic view with a global vision. Since it is a rapidly growing global logistics agency, it is receiving the […]

Ecommerce Portal for Megatone Electronic

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The Problem Ecommerce Portal for Megatone Electronic Store The client is an online electronic company providing the latest trends for electronics and internet-savvy end consumers in Puerto Rico. About the Project The project involved end-to-end development, deployment and maintenance of an online e-commerce portal selling clothing. A PHP-based X-Cart shopping cart framework was used to […]

EWS Executive Wealth Financial Planning Software

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The Problem EWS Executive Wealth needed a expand its service offering in the UK EWS Executive Wealth is a high-quality financial planning service based in the UK. EWS contracted Pedigrine to develop and continuously improve its planning portfolio management technology system solutions. Pedigrine has provided EWS Executive Wealth Services with a range of services, including […]