Data Engineering

Our consulting services include Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Financial Analysis, Market Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, and Predictive Analysis. Our solution will help your company to develop the most effective business strategy and eliminate all threats that come with a lack of information and changes on the market.

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Data Engineering | Pedigrine

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Companies are using up more and more information to make informed decisions to beat their competition. Processing larger amounts of data require profound technological solutions, and that’s exactly where Pedigrine can step into the rescue. With the emergence of big data and digital transformation, data-driven organizations rely entirely on data analysis to make well-informed and quick decisions.

Big Data | Pedigrine
Big Data | Pedigrine

Big Data

Big Data Analytics is a process of using data to drive business strategy. Our Big Data analysis services allow businesses to get their data collected, processed, and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution. At Pedigrine, we help your businesses break data silos and extract valuable information to drive business efficiencies and grab opportunities on a real-time basis.

  • Financial
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Market Research
  • Staffing
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain 
  • Retail
  • Human Resources

Business Intelligence

We help businesses find patterns and analyze then get relevant data-based information. Our BI consultants solve versatile BI challenges related to industry regulations, changing software requirements, and evolving standards of enterprise analytics and reporting.

Business Intelligence | Pedigrine
Business Intelligence | Pedigrine
Data Visualization | Pedigrine
Data Visualization | Pedigrine

Data Visualization

Making sense of available data through visualization is a crucial asset for business development purposes. The process of collecting data and placing it into a visual context is a data visualization. Data visualization makes it easier to detect patterns and trends of the customers. With the help of our data visualization service, our customers can quickly understand complex patterns in data sets.

Financial Analysis

Data science can replace manual work, increase productivity, and automate tedious tasks for financial organizations. Pedigrine works with banking and financial services firms to develop and implement customized data solutions that lead to improved efficiencies, better risk management, and fraud detection, in addition to more personalized customer service.

Financial Analysis | Pedigrine
Financial Analysis | Pedigrine
Market Analysis | Pedigrine
Market Analysis | Pedigrine

Market Analysis

Market analytics initiative can help businesses increase venues, improve operation efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns & customer services efforts. In today’s economy, market analysis is a priority to ensure accurate, reliable, and trusted decisions. With this experience, we have developed solutions that accelerate and differentiate the digital offerings of our clients. Through these solutions, our clients can automate research, improve operational efficiency, and unlock the full power of the data they have.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our supply chain analytics services help the shipping industry in the global economy, the need of the hour is a robust and comprehensive Supply-chain-management software that can help organizations in this domain streamline, manage and execute operations swiftly, smoothly, and efficiently. Our supply chain management IT solutions aim to assist organizations to overcome most industry challenges.

Market Analysis | Pedigrine
Supply Chain Analytics | Pedigrine

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Financial Analysis | Pedigrine
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