The Problem

EWS Executive Wealth needed a expand its service offering in the UK

EWS Executive Wealth is a high-quality financial planning service based in the UK. EWS contracted Pedigrine to develop and continuously improve its planning portfolio management technology system solutions. Pedigrine has provided EWS Executive Wealth Services with a range of services, including high-quality research, software product development, and architecture design.

Our Solution

Improvement and continuous support of a portfolio of financial management solution suite

Our dedicated teams worked closely with EWS to develop a system for the financial service industry that offers efficient and secure portfolio management technology solutions across the financial field. Through deep technology expertise and the understanding of financial planning systems, we enabled effective mapping of needs into the prioritization and delivery of top product features.

The portfolio management system includes products for data management, investment ideas, and performance measurement delivered either as a comprehensive suite or as individually deployed solutions. We have also implemented multilingual capabilities and global industry regulations support, which addresses our client’s expanding needs.

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