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We build cross-platform VR/AR solutions, ensuring that the user experience is as unique as the brand it represents. We design custom end-to-end virtual reality/Augmented reality services including everything from 3D Modeling, Animation, to Computer vision. We implement the latest technology to blend the physical and digital world to provide users with an experience that will blow them away. We develop a unique solution for Business, Education, Healthcare, Arts, Training, Retail, Real States, Architecture, Marketing, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Gaming, and more.

VR/AR Software development

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality | Pedigrine

VR/AR is offering unique opportunities for startups and enterprises to make a foundation for success. The Impact of VR/AR is transforming every business approach to decision making. We develop unique tailored VR/AR solution for clients across every industry and business stage. Our service focus on the implementation of the latest VR/AR development that allow users to revolutionize their everyday life.

Education & Training AR | Pedigrine
Education & Training VR | Pedigrine

Education & training

We develop interaction-friendly education & training apps to deliver a top-notch virtual experience. Train your students or employee and see the improvement VR can bring to them. We develop  interactive apps that help the user interact with the training and see the question and answer in real-life – to help retain the knowledge.

  • AR in education and training play a vital role by replacing outdated education methods. AR in education is step into the future  that take the users to whole new world of knowledge.

  • Our solution make education more effective 

  • Our VR/AR solutions break the challenge in distance learning by enabling the user to be more active and engages with their learning objectives. 


The  healthcare field can benefit from adopting the latest VR/AR technology. We build unique VR/AR applications that will improve healthcare capacities and ability. Our application will improve accuracy and speed, boosting the efficiency of medicine. Our solution will enhance the medical sector with a tailored solution for each need.

Medical students can take advantage of our application on their training. VR lets students explore the human body and make sense of how everything works. We develop AR with a 3D model of body parts that allow students to physically interact and with it. Pedigrine is committed into taking the healthcare field to the future

Healthcare AR | Pedigrine
Healthcare VR | Pedigrine
Architecture AR | Pedigrine
Architecture VR | Pedigrine


AR is an important tool for an architect because it will every project easier to visualize and more cost-efficiently. An architect can take advantage of VR/AR solutions for 3D modeling and visualization of their projects, layout, and installation review using different layers of information.

3D Modeling and Animation helps in producing a digital representation of any object or surface. That will showcase a virtual environment with a bigger view and clarity. 3D Modeling and Animations help Virtual Reality objects to be capable of being fully animated and making it an essential process for character animation and special effects.

Real Estate

The industry of the Real Estate and Interior design can benefit from our interactive Virtual reality and variously augmented reality application. Our Real estates solution will reduce cost and make your employees more effective. The virtual reality showcase will make showing a home to a potential customer more accessible and interactive.

We develop a detailed-oriented app that can help an agent to showcase multiple properties on the same day. Our application gives you the power to create property staging for your clients. Real estate analysis, observed that about 77% of the real estate agent agrees that property with staging help buyers to make the decision quickly.

Real Estate AR | Pedigrine
Real Estate VR | Pedigrine
Marketing AR | Pedigrine
Marketing VR | Pedigrine


We develop creative solutions that let you grasp consumer attention from the beginning and generate publicity beyond the ordinary. We develop AR-based marketing, promotional apps, static print ads, and catalogs with embedded digital content.

  • Augmented catalogs

  • Interactive videos

  • Static print ads

  • On-package advertising


Our manufacturing augmented reality solution help in maintaining the manufacturing process with more interactive and visual content. Our AR solution brings better illustration into the assembly lane, troubleshooting procedures, and quality control.

  • Augmented Reality in the manufacturing industry will allow workers to work well with maintenance manuals behind, making the process less time-consuming and tiring. AR technology solutions is useful in maintenance work, as well as in inspection and building system parts.

  • AR Remote Assistance reduces site inspection traveling costs to workstations to check something. Employees can be asked to join the headset’s video stream to assist with complex tasks.

  • The AR solution helps employees to compare how an already assembled part matches the initial design before it is sent to the final designing section. AR manufacturing solution saves costs and time, improves accuracy, and allows companies to meet a high level of quality criteria.

Manufacturing AR | Pedigrine
Manufacturing VR | Pedigrine
Retail AR | Pedigrine
Retail VR | Pedigrine


Our Retail solution In-store or online, give your customer a new shopping experience. Retail brands can now blend the best of brick-and-mortar experience with the interactivity of digital outlets to win their buyers.

  • Interactive display

  • Try before you buy

  • Interactive kiosk

  • Smart fitting rooms


We build complex and admirable app for the entertainment industry. There’s a lot to experience from this latest technology. Our solution brings more value to live events, TV broadcasting, and online video streaming through added information layers and enriched second-screen experiences.

Entertainment | Pedigrine
Entertainment | Pedigrine
Gaming AR | Pedigrine
Gaming VR | Pedigrine


We offer gaming development across the virtual reality and augmented reality scope with multiple platform support. Lose yourself in the best action, adventure, and sports games with the VR headsets on. Our VR gaming development give you a gaming experience from entirely different dimension.

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